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U-Boat Simulation Day Video

This is a short video of our recent Silent Hunter III Simulation day, edited in the style of a WW2 propaganda film.

You might remember my diorama which betrayed an interest in the Battle of the Atlantic.  My friends and I periodically huddle together in a darkened attic and play a real time patrol of the PC game Silent Hunter.  No cheats, no computer aids, very limited time compression, full realism settings.  Torpedoes fired manually, with no automatic aiming - lots of scribbled trigonometry to work out the firing angle.  Each one of us has a specific role on board, and we play real period music, eat real U-Boat rations, dress up in real U-Boat clothes... generally having a very nerdy time of it.  To give you an example of how realistic we try to make it, Kieran has to navigate the boat by pen and pencil, taking sextant readings and logging course manoeuvres.  None of this computer-generated mapping for us...

It was a very enjoyable day.  We sunk three ships in the end, one by torped…

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